Contemporary Insurance Services has served the medical malpractice insurance needs of LTC facilities, physicians, midwives, and other healthcare providers across the country for over thirty years.

Find out how we can help secure your future against Medical Malpractice suits.

Our Philosophy

A unique approach to Medical Malpractice Insurance

Our independent agency philosophy of searching broadly among financially sound, competitively priced medical malpractice insurance companies has served our clients well. We use a unique bidding process so that medical malpractice insurance companies compete for your business. With it, we have been able to negotiate competitive premiums and unique policy terms to meet the special needs of LTC facilities, physicians, midwives, and other medical providers. We are licensed to sell insurance in every state.

How Can CIS Help?

Solutions to your Medical Professional Liability Insurance needs

Here are some of the reasons CIS can provide you a reliable path to security:

  • We have thirty years' experience servicing the medical professional liability insurance needs of physicians, midwives, LTC facilities, surgery centers, and allied practitioners, with over 4,000 physician and health care provider clients nationwide.
  • We are an independent agency selling the policies of many highly-rated medical malpractice insurance companies.
  • We use a unique bidding process to get our clients lower prices on their Medical Malpractice Insurance.
  • We are licensed in all states and can help individual physicians, facilities, and allied practitioners as well as large groups with multi-state locations.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Blog

Standalone Tail Insurance Coverage

4/16/2018 - For years, physicians and other healthcare professionals cancelling their claims made malpractice insurance policies have been socked with a one-time cancellation charge to assure that there is coverage for lawsuits that are made for services rendered during that policy term that might be made after policy cancellation. The cost of that protection, which is called “tail” insurance or “Extended Reporting Period” coverage, can be as much as two to four times the expiring annual premium.

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